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Our skilled nursing care is second to none.  Our focus and care planning is centered entirely around each individuals' specific needs.  Whether the patient might require specialized wound care, customized rehabilitation services or a special diet, our caring and compassionate team is more than happy to do everything possible to ensure the ALL needs are met at ALL times.
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  • 24 hour RN Coverage
  • Skilled Medical Services
  • Long-term Care
  • (VOHRA) Dedicated Wound Care Program
  • Respiratory Care
  • Full Time Respiratory Therapists
  • Trach Care
  • IV Therapy
  • Respite and Hospice Care
  • Bariatric
  • Bipap/ Cpap
  • Burns
  • Catheter/ Foley Care
  • Colostomy Care
  • Diabetes Care
  • Dialysis
  • Immunizations
  • IV Access Care
  • Lab Services
  • Oxygen
  • Pain Management
We are certified as a Vohra Wound Physicians Center of Excellence for Wound Management.  This partnership leads to positive healing outcomes for our residents.

We have less than 1% of our hospitalization rate related to wounds.  Our Vohra wound physician makes weekly round on more than five patients per week with the assistance of our designated wound-care nurse.  Our wound-care nurse is also available seven days a week.

To uphold these standards, we have regular team meetings focusing on Quality and Process Improvement (QAPI).
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VOHRA Wound Physicians

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